Dr. Stefano Carboni has a rich experience in architecture and museums as he previously worked as CEO of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, in addition to his work as an Assistant Professor in the faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts at the University of Western Australia. Dr. Stefano obtained his Ph.D in Islamic Art from the University of London, United Kingdom.


"Museums were established to be a source of force and pride for countries and their citizens, along with all their history and culture. I feel overwhelmed and proud to occupy this position, which in itself is a completely new experience for me, despite my previous experience that I have built out of a passion for the Arab world in general and Islamic art in particular.

The Museums Commission will consider all pre-existing strategies and missions, and then develop its own strategies to ensure that museums can contribute effectively to promoting tourism in the Kingdom. There is no doubt that museums are an integral part of the society’s fabric, and the interaction with the public is very important.

We should not only invite the mean but also make people feel like they are learning something, so there is a stronger educational emphasis besides having an enjoyable time. What I really hope we can do is create a variety of shows for anyone who wants to visit. We will also work to establish facilities capable of hosting high-level international exhibitions.

We must certainly look at the weaknesses in the museums sector in order to work on developing them and reinforce the ideas that will be proposed by the staff of the Museums Commission regarding the types of museums required to be present in the Kingdom. Besides, we are attempting to put forward this strategy to implement it over the next 10 years; For us to be fully prepared for Vision 2030, which the Kingdom's government is keen to push forward."

Dr. Stefano Carboni
CEO of the Museums Commission