About the Commission

The Museums Commission's role is to develop this important sector, presenting the Kingdom’s identity, history, heritage and culture to all. The Commission does this by strengthening and enhancing the quality of museums in line with international best practice, encouraging investment and boosting career opportunities within the museum and related sectors. The Commission also encourages investment to support the development of the sector, fostering partnerships with individuals, institutions and companies. The Commission supports the development and adoption of sector-accredited educational and professional training programs. The Commission champions museums, raising public awareness and highlighting their importance to all, and in particular families, young people, tourists, researchers and students. Museums will participate in a range of activities, including regional and international forums, and organize exhibitions, conferences, events and competitions. The Commission will support the museum sector to establish, develop and manage museums, as well as in their role as preserving, enhancing, presenting and interpreting our heritage for the purposes of education and entertainment.


Establishing museums of Saudi Arabia as inspiring destinations and drivers of cultural and social engagement for citizens, residents and visitors


Protect, promote and present the heritage of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world for the purposes of study, education and enjoyment, positioning the Kingdom on the global cultural stage at the highest quality standards.

Strategic Objectives

Governance & Operating Model:

Governance & Operating Model: Establish effective and collaborative museum sector governance and operating model


  1. Enrich institutions and collections and valorize existing patrimony.

  2. Expand museum coverage through high-quality institutions.

  3. Increase museum visitorship amongst locals and tourists.

  4. Raise the overall sector budget and optimize spending efficiency.


  1. Develop flagship and regional museums with varied typologies and patrimony.

  2. Safeguard and exhibit collections with the highest standards.

  3. Create educational and entertaining experiences accessible to all.

  4. Attract museum visitors and recognition from the Kingdom and abroad.


  1. Develop a qualified and professional museum workforce.

  2. Ensure required funding support and incentivize third-party contributions.

  3. Build partnerships to address museum sector opportunities and enable value creation.

  4. Enact licensing and regulation to ensure thorough quality standards.