The Museums Commission was established in February 2020.

The Museums Commission works on showcasing the Kingdom’s identity, history, deep-rooted heritage, and traditions and is responsible for regulating the sector.  The Commission will work to advance the sector, upgrade local museums in accordance with international standards by encouraging investment and providing jobs and tourism opportunities to the region.  It will also support and encourage individuals, institutions, and companies to establish and develop museums and raise awareness of the museum sector encouraging more visitors.  In addition, the Commission will develop certified educational and professional training programs in collaboration with partners.  The Commission will represent the Kingdom in regional and international forums and will also organize exhibitions, conferences, events, and competitions.

Establishing the museums of Saudi Arabia as an essential pillar of cultural and social engagement for citizens, residents, and visitors.

Protect, promote and present the heritage of Saudi Arabia domestically and internationally for the purposes of study, education, and enjoyment, positioning the sector as a global leader.

Dr. Stefano Carboni is the CEO of the Museums Commission.

Sector Culture Contribution:

1. Enrich institutions and collections and valorize existing patrimony.

2. Expand museum coverage through establishing high-quality institutions.

3. Increase museum visitors amongst citizens and tourists.

4. Raise the overall sector budget and optimize spending efficiency.

Sector Activities:

1. Develop flagship and regional museums with varied typologies and patrimony.

2. Safeguard and exhibit collections with the highest standards.

3. Create educational and entertaining experiences accessible to all.

4. Attract museum visitors and receive recognition from the Kingdom and abroad.


1. Develop a qualified and professional museum workforce.

2. Ensure required funding support and incentivize third-party contributions.

3. Build partnerships to address museum sector opportunities and enable value creation.

4. Enact licensing and regulation to ensure thorough quality standards.