The Ministry of Culture plans to set up a digital art museum in the Kingdom in collaboration with the art collective teamLab group to build a borderless world of art combined with technology.

The museum is part of a 10-year agreement between the Ministry and the teamLab group, which will be held in Jeddah in 2023.

“TeamLab” is known for its inventions in the field of digital museums and exhibitions that provide a remarkable experience using modern and latest technologies and precise software solutions. The team has achieved worldwide success through the two main digital museums in Tokyo and Shanghai, which hosted a large number of visitors, thus recording one of the highest visitor-counts in the world for specialized museums.

The teamLab team is set to present a special design for the museum, containing exclusive and new works that have never been presented before, and technologies designed specifically for the new museum. This is in addition to a section especially dedicated for children to combine science and art at one creative place.

It is worth to mention that the Ministry of Culture is always keen to bring the largest art museums and exhibitions in the world to Saudi Arabia, providing creative options to the local community. In this context, the ministry plans to transfer this experience to Riyadh at a later period to give more space to the public wishing to attend the event. The museums' fund is among the first set of initiatives announced lately by the Ministry at the launching ceremony in March 2019, including all the upcoming museums that would invest in technology and innovative arts.